Unable to connect white screen

I'm sorry to post this again, but I'm starting to lose my patience with this error.. Rito, I know you look at this forum, just like you answered me in the Pyke thread I made a couple weeks ago, I need an aswer to this.. more than an answer, a solution for this error.. I'm tired of the fact that every time I try to load a game in PBE, I can't do it because I get this white screen message.. I understand too that this is difficult for you to solve, but please I need you to look at my problem.. I don't know what else to do, I tried everything, from re-installing PBE, to even deleting some of the files in PBE's folder.. but nothing worked.. Please Riot Games, I love your game, and there's a lot of people that does too.. but for some reason we're stuck in this error and we can't play more than two matches a day.. it's really frustrating.. Please Riot, I beg you.. solve this error! Thanks.
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