Proof that the client lags if you use it too much

What did i do? I wanted to do a couple of testings on multiple champs and for that i used practice tool. I don't really know the number of times i used it but maybe 20ish? How? 1. Get into practice tool. 2. Attack the dummy for a few minutes. 3. Leave the game with "close client" option disabled. 4. Repeat. The more times i did this the slower the client became, until i was unable to pick a champion in champion select. That's when i decided to record an iteration and hope you guys fix it xD Notes: Even without the bug on, you can notice that when i refresh the client (i.e close and open) the client is still slow (because of my pc, recorder, etc..), BUT there's still a notable difference between joining the champion selection screen (i could finally do that), and time of leaving a game and returning to home. What i mean is that even without the recorder i wasn't able to join champion selection screen, and it took an infinite amount of time to get home. I reported it here because: 1. It happened on pbe 2. I'm pretty sure there has been an update (?) on client performance on pbe, so this might help if it gets fixed.

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