Waited 5 hours to have an "unexpected error" when i was just about to log in.

So i was waiting for 5 hours in queue only to end up with "there has been an unexpected error" and now I feel like it's not worth playing this game mode anymore. Seriously. WHY the hell are we wasting our time for this? I was so excited to play some TFT with a few friends only to get that error message. and I'm gonna be busy for a while so Today was the last day I had for playing. If anyone else hasn't gotten to play yet or got the same error I'd suggest just waiting for it to hit Live servers instead of having to waste your time. If you want to wait it out and see if it occurs again, then go ahead. Also, I would like to mention that I am not forcing anyone to follow what I said it is but a mere suggestion from someone who was disappointed by this. That is All. Thank you for reading this if you made it till the end.
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