Severe loading screen bug. Please help

Hello, so after today's PBE patch I am unable to enter loading screens. The bug is exclusive to the PBE and does not happen on live servers. This was not happening yesterday and only started occuring after today's patch. The screen goes black after champ select and remains that way until I restart my computer or use ctrl+alt+delete to sign out of my windows account altogether. I am unable to tab out and when I attempt to open task manager it never shows up above the black screen but still opens in the background. This black screen occurs 100% of the time now and happens in every single mode (custom games, and practice tool as well). I have already repaired, reinstalled, and used the hextech repair tool but nothing is fixing it. I was trying to submit a ticket but even the ticket submission page won't work for me when I click submit. I would appreciate any help whatsoever.
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