Declining Queue to Champ Select

So I logged onto PBE and tried to play a game. I noticed it was a Blind pick and not Draft but I thought that was normal. So everything was fine then it went into the "Accept the match" thing and I pressed accept. The problem was right after I pressed accept it said "A player has declined ready check" or within the lines of that, which I thought was normal again. But then it kept happening for 5 minutes, it just kept saying "A player has declined ready check" and I had to keep waiting. Eventually, it didn't allow me to press "Find Match." I restarted PBE client and tried to find match again, but it continued to say "A played has declined ready check," and it happened right after I press Accept Match Found. Then it just blocked me from declining too many games when it was saying OTHER players were doing it, not me, and I was blocked for 15 minutes.
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