Hextec Crafting BUGGED

I know it's PBE and all that, but seriously, Riot doesn't seem to fix pbe issues at all, but if millions of people cry about the new champion's bandana, well let's fix that right alway. Hextec Crafting on PBE is completely bugged, you can't open the new capsules, there's a bunch of error's when opening boxes, you can't use the new medalions as well. I went bought the chests to see what kind of loot they were gonna drop so that I could se if I wanted to buy them on my regular account or not, well I can tell you for sure I won't be buying them now, cause you can't really trust youtube videos. FFS, I know this company can barely fix the problems of the live servers, but try and make the testing experience less inconvenient for the people who are willing to test your content for free. [](https://i.imgur.com/L2c8Cij.jpg)
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