New Celerity does nothing on Katarina.

Celerity is a fairly popular Katarina rune on live, even after the nerfs, Katarina has one of the highest decaying movement speed steroids in the game (90% at rank 5), so this provides her quite a bit of AP(14AP rank 1), and it's timing of bonus synergism is nice with when she procs her daggers, automatically giving the bonus just as the dagger hits the ground each time, and she enjoys the passive movement speed. With the celerity rework, I guess I was interested in seeing what 13% additional movespeed would look like instead, in addition to her 50% bonus decaying movement speed, especially with her steroid being one of the highest numerical values in the game and boots not being part of the calculation, and her rank 1 being higher than Ghost, surely Katarina would be one of the most advantageous users of the new Celerity rune? That is when I was extremely displeased to discover, the length of her decaying movement is completely ignored by the celerity calculation all together because it is too short, and it rounds to 0 total benefit, and 0 total distance gained. Only once her W is level 4(Level 17) is her bonus decaying movement speed enough to be triggered by the rune, making it completely useless. As a side note, I was able to trigger the rune when gaining a reset, and using two movement steroids simultaneously. But come on, this went from giving 14 free AP level 3 to Katarina on command, to doing nothing until level 17 and/or achieving a reset, for less than a Teemo of total distance gained. She will never use it again if this is intended this way. It's so bad it should be disabled, like when she selects Mana Ring, and swapped to another rune. In-fact, the 1.5% 'always on' movement speed from live celerity, by itself, would be superior to this rune for her now, after the rework, without AP considered at all. Please reduce the duration needed to benefit from the rune by at least half. Why a rune like this even has a ramp up of activation seems really unfair, and slanted towards extremely specific champions, it should be 13% more units from the first unit. I can only assume Heal does nothing to it also, despite granting an enormous 30% movement speed bonus. Edit: Confirmed. Heal{{summoner:7}} ALSO has 0 effect from celerity, because it is too short of a steroid. Ridiculous if you ask me. Remove the ramp time outright on celerity and rebalance it. Heal should give 34%~ movementspeed.
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