Runes Reforged makes the game unstable

As we all know that the runes system has been updated and refreshing, it is completely different from the past so it also leads to negative consequences. Older players will have to start getting used to the new runes so some people will get bored with the game and abandon it. Not only that, the new runes system has a lot of bugs and some runes are too strong. I think riot need to adjust some runes like: The first is PRESS THE ATTACK. It is a rune that adds unlimited damage to a target (you're kidding me). If a player is only involved in destroying a turret they just need to upgrade themselves. Equipped with maximum attack speed, they take only a few seconds to take a project. The second is that Lethal Tempo breaks the attack speed limit is crazy, for the champions like Kog'maw, Azir, jinx, kayle, master yi, tristana, vayne, varus that is a nightmare for rival teams. They can sell and slash their opponents with extremely high attacking streaks that opponents can not even close to them + Glacial Augment is the most faulty rune since it can activate continuously and can slow down a whole area. Please set limits for the runes please riot. Leave the ideas or errors that you see need fixing
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