New Soraka skin wings flicker
Post with 1 views. New Soraka skin wings flicker
1. Store Bug - Can't purchase both dawnbringer and nightbringer soraka. Only able to purchase one. Skin variant doesn't get discounted. 2. Soraka skin in-game, huge flickering problem. Major eyesore. I believe it happens after you back. 3. Nightbringer Aphelios chromas not in store. 4. Sugar Crush Eve model texture not working properly https://imgur.com/a/slSUZez 5. Prestige Nightbringer Lee Sin not in store. 6. Dawnbringer Nidalee passive vfx. Was this the design or the base passive vfx being removed later bc bug? https://imgur.com/a/slSUZez Feedback 1. Zilean Skin Q match chroma color. (Braum Q cookie matches chroma) 2. Ziggs Skin Ultimate splash matches chroma (The pink portion of explosion match chroma)
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