[Targon support item] Cant finish quest

I recently played match without any friends because i'm lonely and this happend. I can't finish my Targon item (do quest). I had above 500 gold and nothing happend. I tried to selling and undo'ing - NOTHING. Also in 2nd stage i waste few gold to sell and rebuy item, also nothing. I upgrade item to 3rd final form also nothing. I finish game without place any 1 single ward. Steps to reproduce? ~~Sorry but only i can say i was probably dead when quest was about to complete (we started TF, in middle i got last few stacks by killing minion, back into fight i died and that's all).~~ In middle of typing this post (right in this moment) i created sandbox-mode game and try to finish my quest, also nothing happend and i was alive when completing. Conclusion? 100% bugged, can't finish, acient coin work normally. So... steps to reproduce: 1) just buy targon 2) enjoy Preview image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/465846933081292820/631294684102131723/unknown.png Have n1 day and go bana- and drink tea with lemon because autumn depression

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