Test Dummies in Practice Tool Bugged

Hmm, so I decided to test out a new rune page for {{champion:13}} against {{champion:45}} , and when I decided to test out what my damage was and try some combos, I killed a test dummy. Hmm, maybe if I spawn another one and try and kill it, it won't die. It died again. I spawned another, but this time it didn't pop up with a health bar. I tried E'ing, W'ing, Q'ing, nothing worked against it. I couldn't walk through it though. After killing these test dummies, I realized that they spawn at the enemy base like a normal champion would do. They also have a KDA, and a creep count, but i'm pretty sure that was already there. This is definitely a weird bug, and I would love it if it could be fixed. I got a Pentakill with Ryze because of this though (although in practice tool :P) {{sticker:katarina-love}}

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