[Dragon Trainer Tristana] some bugs i found and some suggestions about her visuals/animation

BUGS: 2) no death stance: sometimes the dead body disappears (maybe related to the no death animation bug?) SUGGESTIONS: 1)her autos ending in a weird fashion when the target dies before the fireball touches it,it kinda breaks my expectations 2)Her crit animation too similar to the normal one: right now Wriggles' crit animation is just a normal fireball, just a little purple-ish and a bit blury. the fireball also travels faster and Tristana has some recoil but i want to talk about the projectile itself: I think making it bigger would be best. Another improvement would be to make the fireball more blue-ish, as in, it is super hot (purple looks too similar to the normal one) I LOVE THE SUPER FAST ANIMATION (even funnier if her q is activated XD)

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