Thresh Bugs

{{champion:412}} **TWO BUGS ON THRESH**{{champion:412}} **The Ancient Coin** {{item:3301}} When you buy **The Ancient Coin** on **Thresh** {{champion:412}} the coins will still drop from minion deaths like usual. However, when you go to pick them up, they will continuously bounce along with the character sprite until death. Dying will not allow you to pick up the gold and mana from the coin. The only way to complete the **The Ancient Coin's** {{item:3301}} quest is to earn the gold passively, which takes way too long. **Thresh Ultimate** In general, after casting **Thresh's** {{champion:412}} ultimate, **The Box**, will complete its animation. But after paying close attention, **The Box** will not break its walls after an enemy champion walks through it. **The Box** will just stand there until the timer runs out and The Box disappears.

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