Game client security changes now live on PBE

Hey everyone, We’ve begun rolling out security changes to the League of Legends game client today on the Public Beta Environment. Our goal with these changes is to make it harder to develop or use cheating applications in League. We wanted to proactively communicate these changes in case you run into any abnormal failures while running the game in this environment. If you are experiencing new game crashes it may indicate an incompatibility between software on your computer and our new changes. If you encounter a critical error message during the game, we would greatly appreciate your help in troubleshooting the issue by attempting to temporarily uninstall or disable any of the following software: * Security software (anti-virus and anti-malware products) * In-game overlay software (Steam, Discord, TeamSpeak, Overwolf, ASUS Sonic Radar, etc) * Streaming software (XSplit, OBS, Raptr, etc) * Video capture software (Fraps, ShadowPlay, etc) Once you have disabled third party software that may be interacting with the game, it would be helpful if you shared with us which software you needed to disable and whether or not disabling that software fixed the issue. While we try our best to maintain compatibility with as much legitimate third party software as possible, we are not in control of these products, and an update can break compatibility with our solution at any time. We want to be aware of these incompatibilities so that we can work with software vendors to resolve them. If you continue to encounter problems, we are happy to work with you on identifying the possible causes. We really appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation as we work to keep League of Legends a safe and competitive playing experience.
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