Now on PBE: Vision Rework

Hey everyone, We wanted to let you know that the bug where "while playing a game with bots you would occasionally see the model of the champion on fog of war" should be **fixed** with the deploy from this morning (Noon PST, Dec 17). We are fairly confident in this fix and have, so far, noted no new reports of it since that time. :) The bug was caused by deep technical changes to the vision and fog of war systems. These changes will give us more control over how vision works in the game, allowing us to fix a number of vision bugs (invisible skill shots, inconsistent reveals, etc.) and create new features that never would have been possible in the old system. If you experience an issue with vision you have not experienced outside PBE, please let us know immediately. The new tech changes won't fix all outstanding vision issues with this patch, but shortly afterwards we should be able to roll those changes out in an orderly manner through the start of the 2014 season. Personally let me thank everyone who helped out at Riot with this, such as vLemon and RiotAfic who did some amazing QA work both before the deploy to PBE and helping wrangle the bugs that slipped through. And a thanks to all you PBE players who helped find, report, and even diagnose the bugs. You guys have a great Snowdown Showdown! Yakaru
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