Gamebreaking Bug: Enemies AFK and sudden crashes for all players while in game.

I don't have a screenshot to this, since my pc doesn't let me screenshot while in game. But it seems that my first match today was interrupted by a really buggy mess. The loading screen before the game was fine, but first thing was a player's runes were blacked out, no art while in game showed electrocute. During the first few minutes, Vayne was there but she stood still as if she was AFK, the other enemy champions were nowhere at all. In around the 5th minute, the game crashed for all the players and there was a menu describing and telling me that there was an essential component in the game that wasn't there, thus telling me to reinstall the game. Now, after playing another match, it was fine, but I believe this is something to be looked into? Because it rendered the game unplayable in the previous match. Has anyone else experienced this?
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