There are two problems I encountered on PBE. i feel like It's just happening to me. HELP!

Okay so I haven't been on PBE for a few days and today I logged in and came across 2 problems after the maintenance. 1. My In-Game settings have been set to default (happened few times while playing LoL for years, nothing new) even though I haven't clicked on them by accident or even deleted any files. It appears to me like Riot randomly sets your setting to Default with an unknown reason. Why is that so? 2. After fixing and setting my In-Game settings as they were before I haven't noticed one thing that was going on the whole time. In-Game Sound isn't even on. I checked my settings and I saw that it isn't disabled (all was enabled). I figured out how to fix it by simply clicking on Disable and Enable again. It worked. for that game at least. Next game same thing happened again. It appears that every game I have to Disable the Enabled sound and put it back on Enable like it was before which is why I don't understand and it appears like I'm the only one with that bug. It only happens while in game. Sound is working when in client and queue.

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