Disconnecting in game on PBE? Look here!

Hi all, We have recently enabled a feature that might cause some players to disconnect more than usual. I will spare the details of what this change does (it gets suuuuper technical), and instead skip straight to what you can do to help resolve the disconnects! In a comment on this thread, provide the following: 1. Your PBE summoner name. (how does your name appear to your team) 2. Some info about the game (champions involved, items purchased at the time, kills/deaths, etc. Anything that will help distinguish this game from others) 3. Most recent R3d log. Here are the steps to do that: a. Navigate to the folder where you have PBE installed on your computer. For me it is: Local Disk (C:)/Riot Games/PBE b. Navigate to Logs c. Navigate to GameLogs. For me it looks like this: Local Disk (C:)/Riot Games/PBE/Logs/GameLogs d. Open up the most recent folder (you can sort by date modified to find the most recent one), and open the text document that ends in 'r3dlog' e. Copy the text document to your clipboard (hotkey shortcut is press ctrl+a and then ctrl+c f. Paste this to pastebin. Go to https://pastebin.com. Click in the text box just below ‘New Paste’ and press ctrl+v g. Click the ‘Create New Paste’ button towards the bottom left of the screen , and then copy the URL from your browser. Here is what an example url will look like: https://pastebin.com/t1t93uZK h. Provide that URL in your post This should be everything we need to look into potential causes. I’ll be hanging around in this thread if people have any questions. Thanks for the assistance in tracking down causes of disconnects!
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