[Gangplank] - e doesn't apply lichbane damage

step 1: pick gangplank{{champion:41}} step 2: buy lichbane{{item:3100}} step 3: put a point in e step 3.5(optional): put a point in q step 4: place down a barrel using e step 5: get the last hit on said barrel using an auto and or q(parrley) result: the barrel explodes and crits as usual but the expect bonus damage from lichbane does not happen I wanted to play ap gangplank too see how it worked with the new changes. I wasn't sure if this was intentional or a bug so i decided to make a post just in case it is a bug other notes: this also might apply to nashors tooth{{item:3115}} (not sure) the barrel does proc the luden's echo{{item:3285}} passive
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