[Map] -- Loading screen crashes/returns to Reconnect button and can't enter the game

While waiting 10 seconds after selecting champions(and skin for it or not) was done then the in-game loading screen suppose to pop and give us the amount of % in loading and see how many mastery points or level enemy has, the loading screen instead crashes and you cannot enter the game until it's finished and you get leaver, and you can get banned for that bug. This issue affect only some players so, I don't know how you can test it out Here are 2 pictures when I was testing if it's still doing the same thing on Practice Tool and it's still does: https://imgur.com/lJPzBTQ https://imgur.com/JA4Sz24 If you can fix this then I will be extremely grateful, because I want to play and don't want to get banned by this bug. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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