Statikk Shiv - TFT - Major Bug - NO ONE Notices?

{{item:3087}} Its simple, want an Infinitely amount of Volibear Ult ( no bug with volibear just being sarcastic) -(statiks passive on spell cast) - get a tear of the goddess with a recurved bow - and you the statikk shiv - the bug is every auto attack casts the passive without the spell or with for a rediculos amount of static passive - like the team is finished within a sec . Please fix this - i think i am the first to note this on the boards been looking for a post with the same bug. But i couldn't find sorry if I re- posted. Guys please dont abuse bugs.. Although this is pbe ... But this is Ranked and im in my placements. I thought after the fon fix i would continue... But alas... Found another bug. My advice play after the bug is fixed sadly :/ (3 out of 5 placements i am 7th place because of these bugs :/) Item : Statikk Shiv - tear of goddes + Recurved bow
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