Need Rioter pls for Game Breaking PBE Bug *Literally*

Just went to load into the new aram map, which I have already played numerous times last week when it was in beta. However this time, me and my whole party bugsplatted once everyone got to 100% loading and now it's directing us all to Uninstall and Reinstall the client. Ideas? If you missed all of the warnings, don't run to reinstall. You will be unstuck from the Game in about 25 minutes once everyone has timed out fully from afk. It will more than likely just be a hotfix patch issue and Uninstall / Reinstall will just reinstall the bad files all over again. They still haven't patched the issue. Once they do, I will update / Remove the thread. -GL Summoners PS : I've been warning people in chat for hours to save site from mass thread creations and........ Turns out, when new map types are broken.... Everyone comes to the chat rooms and gets really friendly and chatty. Longest / Most Civil conversations I've had in 4 years of leagues. __________________________________________________________________________________ EDIT UPDATE : Riot Stephiroth - Hey guys! So so sorry about you having to experience this :( I was checking forums after our morning deploy (around noon), and didn't see any issues. When issues starting occurring, seems to be around 10PM to midnight, I was already asleep T__T I will disable the map for now and try and make sure this bug gets fixed today. It's likely the update to the PBE didn't have one of our assets :( Thanks for your reports. We'll get it working asap. Daphnee Duck - 2 minutes ago Whatttttt and the first response didn't even go to my thread!?! I feel more violated by that than the bug!!! My Struggle Is Real! Edit 2 : Riot Stephiroth - Hey guys, Sorry you guys had to experience this issue. It looks like an unintended change got picked up in the PBE deploy that happened last night, and the build is now missing an asset. :( We'll work on getting it fixed ASAP, but for now we've disabled the map.

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