Grasp bug on Gangplank

Title: [Gangplank] – grasp interacts partially as if gangplank is ranged Body The 3% of max health dmg proc as well as the 1% of max health as adaptive ad are halved compared to what the tooltip says. Additionally, tooltip in game displays the adaptive ad dance as .75% of max hp. Testing steps 1. Pick Gp with grasp 2. Check rune stat tooltip 3. With hp of 670 the adaptive dmg is displayed as 5 ad per stack (which is .75% and not 1%) 4. Proc grasp once 5. Tooltip displays dmg per grasp proc as x, dmg displayed below is x/2 6. Check the base stats 7. Notice ad has increased by 3 (rounded from 2.5) instead of 5 (which really should be 6.7) 8. Cry in gp. Edit: disregard step 5, i forgot that the 3% of max health dmg from grasp proc is reduced by half on test dummy because of its 100mr. Edit 2: obviously the 0.75% max hp adaptive ad stacking is a problem across all champs, and the halved ad/ap adaptive stacking (meant to be for ranged champs only) has been applied to all champions

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