Urgot Changes in PBE General Bugs

I have some bugs to report on the Urgot buffs in the PBE. 1. W spell description at level 5 says it lasts for 25000 seconds, which should probably say "limitless time" or "unlimited" 2. When Urgot's W is on, his shotgun knee indicators turn on and off randomly, usually when you move away from an enemy or after shooting a shotgun knee. Even when the shotgun knee comes back up, the indicator still never shows. 3. Urgot's E has a 10% bonus health scaling. I don't know if its intended or accidentally left on there, because it's not mentioned in the PBE notes. 4. Furthermore, Urgot's shield starts at the beginning of his dash. The shield duration should probably be increased since Urgot's dash is pretty slow, wasting a total second of the duration. OR have the shield come up at the end of the dash. That's all for now. Thank You.

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