Ornn Game Breaking Mechanic (Infinite gold at level 11)

At level 11 Ornn can upgrades items for free which is cool but they sell for more the the original item is worth. Example: Black Cleaver costs 3000 gold however if you are level 11 it gets upgraded automatically and sells for 6300 gold therefore you can just keep buying and selling it over and over and over for full build at level 11 Go in any game mode and try it out for free wins XD Just kidding disable Ornn until this is fixed please Edit: https://i.imgur.com/qWuJT6E.png This is from a game that me and my friends played yesterday notice the items that ornn has and the items of everyone else but his gold total is very small i think this is due to selling items not counting toward end total Edit 2: Still not disabled or fixed i guess this is working as intended or the bug forums are dead
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