[Inhibitor Respawning] - Minions stay at Nexus after inhibitor respawns.

**Body:** (Super-)Minions pass the (destroyed) inhibitor and destroy the turrets at the Nexus. They are attacking the Nexus when suddenly the Inhibitor respawns. Instead of turning around, and going to hit the respawned Inhibitor, they keep standing still at the Nexus, all cluttered together. They still attack enemy minions when these spawn. **Reproduction Steps:** 1. Take any champ 2. Destroy all the towers & inhibitor in one lane 3. Destroy the two towers at the Nexus (Don't do this step too fast.) 4. Make sure the Nexus isn't destroyed before the destroyed inhibitor respawns. 5. Minions that passed the (respawned) Inhibitor will stay at the Nexus **With who & Where did I notice this? ** - I played with *Vel'Koz* at *Summoner's Rift*. - The only lane that was pushed was mid-lane. - At the end the outer-top & outer-bot turret were gone too.
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