Everyone crashed

About 3/4 of the way into one of my games of lvl 5 doom bots, every person in the game had their game crash. Obviously, while reconnecting the doom bots pushed down mid. Once everyone was reconnected the game was beyond saving since the bots were already on the nexus turrets. Also, the doom viktor effect makes a really loud sound even if the bot doesn't currently have that doom effect. Please fix all the bugs/crashes since it's almost impossible to actually play the game without it crashing. There was also a graphics bug for me (only one that it affected that game) where the entire map was grey. UI was fine, just the map seemed to not have textures. Last bug that I found was that in the victory/defeat screen, the big sign that showed victory/defeat didnt appear and therefore you couldn't exit the game without force quitting. *edit*: I am playing on the mac client

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