Garen with Sanguine Blade's Attack Speed Doesn't Increase E Tick Rate

Buying attack speed items like dagger {{item:1042}} or zeal {{item:3086}} etc work by adding extra ticks to garens {{champion:86}} E spin. However the unique effect of Sanguine Blade "Unquenched: while near one or fewer visible enemy champions gain 120% attack speed (based on level)..." doesnt seem to work. Since Garen {{champion:86}} E Spin has 10 ticks at level 18 and adds 1 tick per 20% attack speed you would assume gaining 120% attack speed would add 6 spins to E for a total of 16, however it does not work. Even stranger, the item does increase garens basic attack speed along with his Q animation speed. Its just his E that doesn't seem to work with the item. 1. Go into training mode. 2. Pick Garen. 3. Build Sanguine Blade. 4. E Spin tick count doesn't change.
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