New in-progress skin: Heartseeker Ashe (Up for testing!)

Hey testers, Wanted to let you know that we'll be adding **Heartseeker Ashe** to the PBE this morning in a few hours once we deploy. Like most of our recent skins, we're putting her up for testing before her new in-progress features are fully implemented in order to start the feedback and bug loops as quickly as possible. In particular, the following skin components aren't implemented **at all** yet: * Sound effects * New visuals for **Hawkshot** (E) Please keep this in mind when you see Ashe in game! - - - ::1/29 edit:: Hey all, something in the chain of client -> game isn't firing correctly for Heartseeker Ashe right now - our QA is showing that selecting the new skin will just load in all of Ashe's base files. To avoid confusion and false reports, we're going to **wait to enable her for testing** until the skin actually shows up in game. - - - ::1/30 edit:: Ashe is up for testing! Thanks,
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