"Please repair the client"

I am hearing this a lot for graphical bugs. Just making sure though... Everyone else is experiencing graphical issues randomly on a per-game basis, yes? Because I get these issues in some games, but not all by any means. My brother recently re-installed the entire game when he got a new PC. His first game? He had blue squares for minion projectiles. Second game? gone. I have also tried repairing my client (why does this actually take longer than re-installing?) and it makes no difference. Myself, (and my brother), get the following issues randomly: - Wards appearing as blue squares on the minimap - Blue textures for minion projectiles or their hit effects - textures swapping (usually ignite). For example, the ignite icon texture being used instead of the slow frost texture (this hasn't happened for a while) In the end I get these bugs rarely, but often enough to notice. They are for the duration of one game, then gone. It just seems odd that when it loads the client it gets textures incorrectly, but only sometimes. If it isn't a coding error, wouldn't it be more consistent?
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