[Map bug] Cannot see the turrets

I was playing a custom game, to try out the new Graves when i exprerienced the bug. I was sending a video on snapchat about graves, after that i got attempting to reconnect. My screen got like a yellow filter and i then reconnected. Almost every single turret was like this and i could not see them on the map either. A few minutes later i got a bug splat and reconnected shortly after. When i came back this time the turrets were normal again. After some minutes i disconnected again and the same thing happened. This time i managed to push up the wave and when we got to the turret (inhib turret) the minions were dealing damage to it, but the animation was removed [wasnt able to add a second link so here you go http://imgur.com/EKrBJTl]. When the turret got destroyed the animation were also removed. MiniMcGyver
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