Verified bug reports (Updated Jan 27)

Verified bug reports are issues that have gone through Riot’s internal process and are ready for prioritization and development. For example, if a tester reports that Caitlyn’s traps are knocking players into the air, we'll internally reproduce the issue and also make a sweep to see if all Snare effects are affected before starting work on a fix for the issue. Every bug on this list has been verified, but the list doesn't reflect how bugs are prioritized against each other or whether or not they've been fixed. This list also does not reflect bugs which our internal testing has found and resolved before testers report them. Keep in mind that some bugs may take a few patches to resolve. For more information on our goals for this thread, [check out this discussion]( For tips on how to write effective bug reports, [take a look at this guide]( - - - *Due to recent issues with various queue types, we've encountered delays in verifying bugs related to the pre-game experience** {{champion:96}} **Kog'Maw** * **Caustic Spittle** (Q) is only applying its base damage * **Caustic Spittle** (Q) and its debuff are using placeholder particles * **Caustic Spittle** (Q) has no sound effect on cast {{champion:15}} **Sivir** * Extraneous white particles appear on Snowstorm Sivir's weapon during various animations {{champion:98}} **Shen** * **Vorpal Blade's** (Q) healing effect does not proc on minions executed by the Spoils of War passive (Relic Shield, Targon's Brace, Face of the Mountain) {{champion:4}} **Twisted Fate** * The three lines for **Wild Cards's** (Q) range indicator move around after first cast, depending on which way Twisted Fate is facing {{champion:101}} **Xerath** * Xerath's spellcasts and first autoattack lack sound effects * **Arcanopulse** (Q) is not counting as a spellcast for the purposes of item procs and effects * The tooltip for **Locus of Destruction** (W) displays base damage done to enemies in the center of the blast as 0 if no points have been put into the skill * When **Ascension** (R) is activated, its tooltip lists base damage and AP scaling values as 0 (actual values are calculated properly) * **Ascension's** (R) on-hover range indicator is smaller than the actual ability range **Items** {{item:2010}} **Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation** * Incorrectly usable at full health by manaless champions **Spectator Mode** * Chat window repositioning in Spectator Mode persists through all games until the window is moved back again in Spectator Mode **Maps and Game Modes** * Annoucer and Champion voiceovers are missing from all maps and game modes * The turret range indicator for the fountain on the Crystal Scar is too large **PvP.Net Client** * Refunded skins are still selectable in Champion Select, but the game will choose a different skin to use in-game * Replays are not watchable and provide the same error message in all cases ("Cannot watch this Replay: This was a private game. [...]") * Viktor's Champion page in the client shows the **Gravity Field** (W) video for both **Gravity Field** (W) and **Death Ray** (E) * Xerath's Champion page in the client is missing his Lore and uses incorrect ability icons and descriptions
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