[Invasion] - "Channelling" animation after reviving an ally stays until the end of the round

**Bug Description** I have found that when 2 or more people try to stand on top of someone to revive them in the new Star Guaridan game mode invasion the animation for reviving someone will continue after they have been revived. I have found that on both Soraka and Jinx this animation bug will continue on until the end of that wave, whereas the other Star Guardians have the opportunity to use certain ablities to break the animation and go back to normal. --- **Video Example:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLEHGAWbOIE This example is from the perspective of a replay but the bug was also happening from my perspective in game while playing it. --- **Reproduction Steps:** 1. Start up the new Invasion mode as any Star Guardian (I have found this is most noticable with Soraka) 2. Wait until teammates have died from "The Big One" before the first round 3. **Assuming you are one who survived** get yourself and a teammate to try and revive the same target at the same time 4. The animation bug should happen to one of the two people reviving the teammate. **Note:** This seems to be able to be done on more than just before the first round, this is just the easiest time to do it from what I have found. --- I am going to be doing some more testing with different Star Guardians and updating this post if I find anything to add. Hope this helps. If there is anyone willing to help me test out this bug, please chuck me an add, the more help I can get with testing this out the more information I can provide ^^

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