Vlad and Undying grasp allows invulnerability

Vlad and New undying grasp
Post with 0 views. Vlad and New undying grasp
The new undying grasp enables vlad{{champion:8}} to achieve unlimited exponential scaling on both his health and ap, eventually causing both variables to wrap around to negative. His health can then become stuck at 0/0, resulting in permanent invulnerability that persists after exiting combat. 0/0 health also seems to screw up jungle camp and tower ai, as towers stop attacking you and jungle camps leash randomly. Smite also does zero damage for whatever reason. Getting negative max hp takes ~40 undying grasp stacks, though it seems that the game stops keeping up with the health values much sooner so it may require significantly less. Pretty sure this is going to need some serious fixing of some sort.
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