Rune Page Two Can't Save the Name

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Went to save the Rune Page (Yes I actually wanted to name it that) but when I go to save it and click outside of the text box, it appears as "New Runes Page 2", and when I click the edit name, it goes back to the wanted name "Can't Rely on Ardent". It allowed me to save the name for my First rune page and Third rune page, but not the second one. It even displayed as "New runes page 2" during Champion select. Is this a name display bug on a certain page? How to recreate: 1. Create a 2nd rune page. (Do it on precision) 2. Create a name, then try to save. 3. It should come back to New Runes Page 2. EDIT: I somehow fixed it, but I'm still going to bring this to attention. I fixed it by picking another main tree (I picked sorcery) and pressed save, and it saved my "creative" name for the page, despite having to re do it. Even if I fixed it, I still believe it's a name display bug when you select Precision first, then try to save the name of your page.
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