4.4 Bug list - (3/10 Update)

Hello gals and guys, This is a list of the issues that have been reported so far in the PBE forums for the 4.4 patch. The list isn’t sorted and some of the bugs might be take a few patches to be fixed. It also doesn’t contain bugs that we have found in our internal testing and haven’t been reported in PBE. For tips on how to write effective bug reports, take a [look at this guide](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F-how-to-report-bugs-on-the-pbe). Last but definitely not least, many thanks to everyone who has posted a bug report :) --- **Verified:** * [In-Game Options] - Using Keybinds to set any key except the default "spacebar" as the hotkey for the "Center Camera On Champion" command will have no effect * [Heimerdinger VU] - Animation & Audio of emotes do not play if Heimer does not move after an ability is used * [UI] - There are no black lines bar separating the skill levels in the spell level bar * [Nautilus] - Nautilus will have unusual walking animation after killing a minion by using Dredge Line (Q) * [Bots] - Bots would dither back and forth with no apparent reason – This change will not go out with 4.4 so it might not get fixed for a while * [Store] - Deep One Kassadin skin art missing from store * [Heimerdinger VU] - Turrets creation of new towers occasionally stops * [Spectator mode] - Vel'Koz' passive doesn't show in spectator mode except for the 3rd stack * [In-game Shop] - Undoing a purchase still shows item checked as if it is owned **Fixed: ** * [In-Game Shop] - Champion will lose gained health if you Refund/Undo a purchased item * *HP removed after undo is equal to the extra stats you got from the purchase of the item* * [Trinity Force] - Trinity Force appears when searching for "slow" items even though it doesn't apply slow anymore * [Platform] - Ocassionally getting black screen during Champ Select * [Kassadin] - "Kassadin_OVERRIDE" name appears in Air and Game Clients * [Dragon] - YO message displayed on chat when being attacked by Dragon * [French] - Vel'koz's name is not being displayed in the Store - *This is working correctly in EUW* * [Pool Party Lee Sin] - Moving during Lee Sin recall animation causes Lee Sin to slide and Coconut tree animation to persist * [Barrier] – Blue particles when receiving damage * [Arctic Ops Varus] - Arctic Ops Varus skin is missing splash art * [Scoreboard] - Summoner Spells are missing icons in Scoreboard * [Unique Passive: Tribute] - Gold is not granted from attacks against Nexus and Inhibitors * [Heimerdinger VU] - Gripping device and rocket disappear during the recall animation * [Platform] - After skipping a "Skip waiting for stats" screen, the user is unable to join a new queue * *This happens when there are server issues* --- The list was last updated on March 10th and it contains bug reports that were posted prior to March 7th.
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