Heimerdinger Turret Bug

I played a ranked 5v5 match about 10 mins ago, and I noticed this Heimerdinger bug... The turrets did not auto attack, but the laser beam and his ult(AKA H-28Q Apex Turret) worked fine.... I have attached 3 screenshots to show what happened... "Screen02" shows when the turrets won't shoot and the strange "Taunt" that says "This unit is being forced to attack." and the under that it says that the source is a Purple Melee Minion??... Details: Lane=Mid, Date= 8/16/2014. LoL Version (according to the client)=4.15.14_08_15_15_26 .... the match: http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/42589285/2200113309 Oh and by the way, There was this extremely toxic player in the match as you can see this "Furious Rammus" is saying that I am some terrorist and did 9/11.... Please do something about this because I really love playing Heimerdinger and I bet a lot of other players like playing him too. EDIT; I see that other people have posted this bug, but I'll just keep this here since it has lots of details and screenshots that riot could use to fix the bug.
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