Problem with Kitty Cat Katarina Skin

Hi. I'm writing about it here because I found a problem! When I was playing on PBE. I chose {{champion:55}} Katarina with Kitty Cat skin and I started the game. When the game started, I noticed there was something wrong with my skin. She was Not visible daggers! Her Q, W and R had 0 animations! Only she was spinning about her axis. And when the dagger fell down, a question mark came into being! This is not a problem with my game files since my friend and adversary also did not see the animation and question mark! RITO Fast repair this problem because who will do PENTAKILL on {{champion:55}} :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Thank you for your attention! See you soon! Bye! "Keep friends close and enemies guessing." :D
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