Ekko recall/past self recurring

Hi, sorry to create yet ANOTHER post. but I've played ekko once and i already notice some issues that may or may not have been addressed. First off, and majorly is his recall/ult scenario. In this ekko, after recalling, is allowed to cast his cult before his past self catches up to him at base. now thats the problem, from what i could tell the past self does not show up at base instantly after 4 seconds but instead travels at insane speed back to base after 2 seconds... This i don't understand. After doing it again i saw that myself would blink through the map back to me and it seems if i cassette let it would send me to mid lane rather than my recall spot minor issue is how his clone is visible only when eke himself is, for the team he's playing with i could see its all sweet and dandy, but for the enemy team if his shadow was viewed at certain points when he is visible somewhere else and then eke himself disappears a weird recurring image of the past self occurs a couple times where you saw the past self. I'm sorry no pictures but ill work on getting them. thank you for your time hoped this helped. (also the past self idle should be fixed) -pivot

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