Team Size Bug, Triple Item Duplicating, and AFK Assassins

So I was playing my first TFT ranked when it happened. First, my assassins were afk a few battles in. If my assassins didn't finish the job within like 10 seconds they would all quit and I'd either lose to the opponent with working champs or the timer would just countdown. This issue persisted for the rest of the game and worsened where they would only attack for like 5 seconds and then go afk. Second, I built Force of Nature so I could put more assassins on the board so I could get bonus and end battles faster. However, from that point, Force of Nature would jump off whatever champ I just put it on after the fight and I began to infinitely stack my board with more champs. Finally, I think the Force of Nature bug caused this next bug but I'm not entirely sure (they just happened back-to-back). I got BF swords from some chickens/krugs don't remember and whenever I put a BF on a champ it either tripled whatever whatever item the champ already had or equipped that champ with 3 BF swords. And just like the Force of Nature, the prime BF sword wouldn't stick to the champ but its duplications would. There was a point where I had 3 cursed blades, 3 hydras, 3 phantom dancers, and 14 champs on my board at lvl 7. In other words, we should prob hot fix if we can lol

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