Locked in endless loop of fake game?

I keep getting "unable to connect to the server. Please check your network connection and attempt to reconnect your game." This happened immediately after I ended my last ranked game and I clicked "skip waiting for stats" because they didn't load after 5 mins or so. Then I went to queue up for another ranked game and it told me there was an error preventing me from queueing. After relogging, it immediately tried to connect me to a game, which wasn't right, so I closed the game window(not the client) that had loaded(which stayed as a black screen) and then it had a reconnect option. I hovered over my account name and I saw that it thinks I'm in some kind of game with no name, and that timer that says how long I've been in the game restarts when I relog. Please help, as I think my account is stuck in some infinite loop of being in-game whilst not really being in-game. Thanks!
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