Riot, there is a BUG about the new rank system that you cannot resolve

Think about it in this way: In the new system, I can play with my friends in this way: Saying I have 4 friends play with me. 4 of us play together while the one left play alone. We all communicate through Skype. According to the new system working logic, highly possible 4 of us will match with another 4 players who play together. The one left will go to either our side or the enemy side. So..... there are two choices we can choose 1. If this guy is on our side, we can play an actual ranked team game with good communication and strategy. Comparing with enemy team, the solo player is forced to adapt other players' play style. They will feel hard to play as a team. Our team's win possibility is higher than theirs for sure. 2. if this guy is on the other side, things will turn even easier. He can simply pick a carry position and feed...... You can never tell if he is trolling or not if he does it in the right way. For example, I have had a teammate plays Cho and did never his Q&R. Riot, how will you resolve this problem?
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