[Bugs] Kled and Bots

So I tested Kled in a custom game recently and I found a bug with AI and some probably unintended interactions with Kled. I tested this only once in a Twisted Treeline game, so would be nice if someone could confirm it. Also I have no idea if these bugs have been reported already: 1. Fizz Bot (introduced recently I assume) just stands in base. He literally does nothing in TT. 2. Kleds recommended items in TT are really weird, featuring a lot of Mana items such as {{item:3025}} or {{item:3110}} and {{item:3065}} , despite not having any heal effects. Not like it's a bad item on him, it's just that he doesn't really profit from the increased healing. 3. When I played Kled and casted E: JOUSTING through a Kog Maw and then killed him, I could still recast Kleds E to dash through Kog Maws Icathian Surprise. So despite the target being dead, I could dash through it. Not sure if that interaction is intended though.
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