item 3285 is a little bugged

I got my pbe account only 1 day ;) and i am so happy with it, so i played yesterday a lot on the pbe server. I started a game and looked at the shop and I saw a new item named : item 3285(i know that that is not the original name) the stats of the item are 120 ap 7% movement speed and a sort of statik shiv passive which is you gain stacks if you walk and at 100 stacks if you pres an abilitie you will deal magic dmg up to 4 people hit and it deals 100 magic dmg + 15% of your ap. I immeditely bought it at the shop and wanted to test the passive of the item but when i used an abilitie to proc the passive but you can't see it. Any of you guys know what the passive of item 3285 looks like? bye and have a good day all of you
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