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**[SOLVED?]** I tried something crazy: Disconnecting my Wifi and reconnecting it didn't work. Closing the client causes extremely high queue times again. Both combined seems to be working in that case! {{item:3462}} Screenshot [directly after my relog:]( 1. I have disconnected my Wifi and I made sure that the friends list said that I am offline. 2. Then I closed every League of Legends- process inside my Task-Manager and reconnected my Wifi. 3. The last step is simply running the PBE Client and logging in as soon as possible. WARNING: According to [SupremeCai]( it didn't work and led back to the login queue! Better be sure this is the last way you're trying to solve the problem. **It might fail!** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} > I don't want to join the queue for another 18 hours! Please get me out of this terrible situation. > I can't use my cursor underneath the "Match accepted"-layer but I am able to use TAB-key and space-key. > Still I can't reach the little X nearby "finding match" above the 0:00 queue timer. > Did anybody find a solution for this problem? > > Ah, wait... To the trolls who keep telling help-searching players: "Close your client and relog as fast as possible and you will get white listed for that login" - this doesn't work! It never worked for anybody so stop telling shit like that. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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