PYKE - I found 2 bugs since this champion was released on pbe

**Ok so while playing with him i found out 3 thigs ... ** 1 He is pretty awesome ( his ulty a bit tricky to land and it starts glitching if you try to activate it outside the map borders ). **ANYWAY** The other 2 things i noticed were 2 bugs that do not affect the gameplay of the champion at all but they were there. _**The first bug**_ happens only with **PYKE** and that's when he kills a champion -** - **there is that yellow square that appears around his icon in game on the right side when for all other champions that area is transparent . And just to be sure i tested it out with its skin and the same thing happened . > _( I can only think that the icon is either an image which someone forgot to export as a png either the square is supposed to be a special effect that appears when you make a killing spree or something in the future )_ And the second bug is not so related to **PYKE ** as much as on the update he was released on pbe. So it turns out that turrets remains randomly disappear when one gets destroyed with no animation whatsoever .-. ... Half a minute it is there and from then on it suddenly disappears o.O **poof** **** ( ignore the wards ) {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Again ...its not affecting the gameplay or anything but i think its weird that it happens Btw I don't think its related too much but my graphics settings were on medium-high at that time. And sorry for any typo's that i made if there are any.

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