Rek'Sai's Changes

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( With the release of patch 7.10 to live on May 17th, we started the new 7.11 PBE cycle. ) Previous PBE Cycles in 2017 Below you will find a comprehensive list of new content, balance changes, and whatever else is included in the current PBE cycle!
Everybody's seen the new changes to Rek'Sai involving her ultimate, you make a target and then you can ult to them. I see Riot may be leaning into changing Rek'Sai's play style from a sort of opportunistic hunter, ulting close to a lane and then diving using E for a gank. Now it seems you'll be using your Ultimate as the engage, using a burrowed Q, then ulting the target. But I feel the ult range is a little bit small compared to what it used to be. Rek'Sai being a sort've unstoppable forced, sailing through the earth to seek out somebody. Her ult now and her changes defiantly make her more playable with it now doing damage and such, but I feel having to mark a target yourself may not be the best choice, as it'll most likely be body blocked. Maybe her ult's marking could work on a Kidnred like system? that way you're not always choosing one person to bully, or maybe allies mark a target for you, like with Jhin's W. And I feel her ult range shouldn't be global, but large enough so that she's a threat to any lane. She should also be able to ult her tunnels in this wide area, if not global tunnel ulting, since Rek'Sai being able to ult her tunnels was a big aspect of playing her. I also feel maybe Rek'Sai's ult should posess some sort of CC? Maybe a knock-back. For a tanky jungler bruiser, there isn't much option for CC'ing, sure she has mobility, but with how League of Legends is progressing there's tons of ways to get around a character with mobility, the main being CC. Which rek'Sai doesn't have a lot of, just a knock-up and maybe a slow if you take the Chilling Smite. Ultimately CC is a bit better than mobility at least in my opinion, and with how many characters cna just dash away from Rek'Sai, I feel she needs some CC love. I'm happy Riot is showing a fun jungler some love with an update and some changes, but I feel she just needs a little more to truly be the Queen of the sands. {{champion:421}}
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