[Bug] King Poro will still deal damage for a short amout of time after being killed.

[PBE] League of Legends, Nexus Blitz King Poro bug
When killing the King Poro (which is a reward after winning an event), the King Poro will still deal some damage from its breath for a small amount of time. Also the fire breath sound effect will be there until the game ends. Recorded in PBE, Patch v8.24, 3/12
**Description:** King Poro is a reward after winning an event. This Poro will go after the turrets, using Fire Breath against minions and hitting the towers melee. If, by any means, you kill the King Poro while using fire breath, it will die, but it will still deal some aoe damage from the fire breath after dying for a short period of time. There is another bug where the sound effect of the Fire Breath doesnt dissapear once the King Poro dies. It will stay there until the game ends- **Steps:** 1. Play any champion on Nexus Blitz 2. Lose an upcoming event and let the enemy team win the King Poro reward (which is random) 3. Kill the poro while he's using the Fire Breath attack. 4. Once dead, the Poro will dissapear (with some animation lag) and there will be some aoe damage from the fire breath attack (for atleast 2 or 3 seconds) **Comments:** - This doesnt seem to happen when King Poro dies attacking the turret using his melee attack. - After killing the King Poro when he uses the fire breath, the sound effect of such will stay on the King Poro position until the game ends, so it doesnt dissapear. - Champions can die from that Fire Breath damage after killing the King Poro, so its not only visual **Video:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRyMBTZLfPE

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