[Exploit] Having 3+ Units Beyond Level Cap

Every player can save up to 10 reserve units. Each player can add their reserve units onto the board. The exploit involves the following: - If you have all 10 reserve slots filled up - And, you add units to the board, where you cannot place anymore units for your level - If you go into a round of the carousel, and get a unit, then, when you go back into the game, that unit will allow you to exceed the unit limit for your level; if you continue doing this for every round on the carousel, you could end up with 3+ units beyond the level limit. UPDATE: It is now possible to upgrade units and buy units from the shop while this exploit is active. I will not detail how, since the game is live with this exploit - however, it needs to be fixed ASAP by Riot. This is a pretty big exploit if its not fixed soon.
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