[ARURF] Garen Q bug Dealing no Damage in ARURF While E is active

So I've noticed this bug while playing URF yesterday 9/14/19. I've tried to replicate the bug in practice tool both with Auto Cooldown refresh and without and I couldn't reproduce it. I must note that ARURF is unique in that regard, so **the bug seem to be Unique to ARURF**. 1. Play Garen in ARURF. 2. Press E to spin on a target. 3. Press Q while E is active. 4. Q will hit the target, but:- I) It happens multiple time throughout the duration of a single Q. II) Deals no damage. III) Doesn't Silence target. Here is a Video demonstration of a replay from yesterday (9/14/19) on jungle monsters. https://youtu.be/OWiGJsFnQ3I[] *Notice how pathetic Garen E has become..
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